Today after class I went downstairs to get my backpack.  I was walking out and looked at the fabric box sitting by the door.  A certain gray fabric caught my eye and I thought again about that poor moth, on display in a box for all to see.  When a few of us looked at the moth yesterday you could see “blood” (it was very red and today was brown after drying) drops that came from it.  Today in class Jennifer said that the wings were open, and no longer laying on his side.  It was looking to me like someone had moved it, because the paper wasn’t in the same area.    I thought about that moth as I looked at the piece of fabric and grabbed a board.  I was thinking about putting the fabric on the board and preserving the moth.  Before I got that far I took the cloth up to it and laid him/her on it.  I liked how it looked.  Leah had come in a little later, while i put the moth in my hand.  During all that time it hadn’t moved.  I took a few pictures of it in my hand and while talking to her about how bugs/critters don’t bother me to touch, it started to move.  First it was a couple legs and then the wings started to vibrate.   I had never seen that motion before.  We looked at each other and the only thought that went through my head… what is it doing??  Here I am, holding a moth i thought had finally died, and it started moving.  But the most amazing part was when it took off!  It flew, and flew for some time around that area.  Professor Driess and Emily saw it too. I took as many photos I could of it in flight. The door to the outside got opened and out it went.  Not flying as well as healthy moths, it landed on the walkway a couple times.  Then after another rest it flew again, up towards painting studio (heaven) and I no longer could see it.  I went up there to look around to see if it landed and stayed somewhere but could not find it.  I was in shock to have this moth take flight right from my hand.  I was also very pleased.

This is the type of moth our little friend is.

Its legs were even curled under

his cute little face

still before he moved, but closer

finally got a pic after the realization its flying

He floated along the wall

This moth is really flying!

Before he flew away for last time


2 Responses to “reawakening”

  1. girl on fire says:

    Could there be a more beautiful ending….
    thank you Terra!

  2. girl on fire says:

    this was in Nicole’s post:
    “He will teach you to find your own light as a beacon in the direction you should go.”
    isn’t that appropriate!