Freedom Day and the story of the Robin

It’s Memorial Day, school is closed, classes are canceled as the campus is diserted of people. InJoy of the silent space within I walk up to Melchers, our campus art studios and find this young one as is.

She is right by the doorway and obviously frightened. Taken back I kneel and inquire if she’s breathing as ants are beginning to crawl closer. I confirmed that she is breathing. I sit beside her for a while and begin to sing. I offer the songs to her that she may know that we are one and the same… in source, in spirit, in love, in light. Her eyes become droopy and I sense that she feels that no harm will come to her. I pick her up and she lies in my lap for a while.

I notice that the tree next to us has a nest in it.

“Is today your first flying lesson?”… “Are you ready to to fly free?” This is a big day and a big embarkment for this soul. I was going to keep her close by the tree but she refused. Her energy boosted as she hopped out of my lap and down the campus sidewalk. I sat there for a while and just watched her hop down that path. I felt like a mother as I wondered if she would be ok? I trusted that because she was just as connected to her source, that she would be guided and taken of. We all are if we can let go and fully trust in our hearts and in our knowing. She hopped to the end of the path and at that end, her mother robin flew in right beside her.

The mother stayed right by her side as they both hopped into the grass and out of view. In that moment, I saw myself as that bird. So scared to fly, yet so distincting printed with pure love on my chest, in my heart, knowing that I will always be guided back home, back to the mother spirit, home, source when the time is right. I choose to come here but I didn’t understand what was going on. So I froze and stopped flying. I cried, What’s going on, why I am I here, what is this all about, why do I feel so wierd in a body?” But, it was when someone(s) loved me enough that understood and said, it’s ok, you can fly, remember who you are, in the silence, in your heart. You volunteered to come here… to remember your source, that you are source, that we are source, light, and to share this glorious knowing in much much JOY! It wasn’t supposed to be difficult or frightening. So, it was when someone(s) loved me enough, and held me close to their heart, in the silence, that I melted and began to remember who I was, who we are and the glory of it all. In that rememberance I discovered my wings and continued down my path in love, in joy, in… peace… untill the mother and I were once One again. ♥ In much Much Gratitude – OM SHANTI ♥

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